About us

At V-Test.com we are attuned to the needs of our most discerning and loyal Principals by providing facilities for Trade Testing & Certification of Tradesmen’ Skills, and further Skills Development.

Today we can state with confidence that purely by consistent performance and thereby earning merit of recognition worldwide, we have established strong bonds with most Foreign Companies employing Sri Lanka Skilled Workers. We have also earned due accolades of our valued Client’s – The Sri Lankan Recruiting Agencies. And therefore, we are focused fully to honor the trust bestowed on us.

Continuous improvement of service is critical to the success of V-Test com.

Going forward after Ten (10) Years of operation since year 2000 – during this period of service we have been able to carryout over Sixty Thousand (60,000) Trade Tests, and successfully trained over Five Thousand (5000) Candidates.

As always we shall endeavour to develop our infrastructure and workshop facilities with a view to innovate and enhance our resources to meet all future challenges.

Founder & Team Leader’s Message

V – TEST.COM - conveniently located at 14, Union Place, Dehiwala (Western Province / Colombo District) has been providing comprehensive Trade Testing Facilities for Foreign Principals based on international standards of evaluation of trade competency of candidates appearing for Tests.

This diligent service to those aspiring for overseas job placements and the local / international Manpower Agencies is highly commended by most of our clientele.

Business Profile

Our Institute “V-Test.com” was established in 2000. The backbone of our Organization is the Management Team, all duly qualified in their relevant field with wide experience in the Field of Manpower Deployment, Training and Skills Evaluation.

The service we provide is dynamic and geared to meet every demand placed upon us by the Foreign Principals and Employment Agencies.

Today we serve about 500 ALFEA Members and their Foreign Principals (Worldwide). We have provided facilities for Trade Testing of over 60,000 Candidates during the past eight years.

We have also successfully conducted specialized training courses for Unskilled Labourers, and Skills Upgrading Programmes for over 5000 Candidates – all of whom are now successfully employed overseas.

The resources available at our centre for Group Trade Testing by Foreign Principals, has been freely availed by all major Recruiting Agencies in Sri Lanka.


We provide sufficient guarantee based on competency evaluations carried out by our organization that gives great confidence to the local Recruiting Agencies to place reliable Manpower on Overseas Employment.

We are aware that there is unlimited scope to train and deploy fellow Sri Lankans in the Gulf Countries, and other South Asian countries like Korea, Malaysia, Singapore & Japan.

Towards this endeavour we have steadily built our resources and services by gradually developing basic infrastructure and training facilities to provide reliable and trusted Vocational Training for Tradesman in this Country.

We are registered with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment as an approved Centre for Trade Testing & Vocational Training (Ref: 040/2007)

Since 2006 we are also conducting MALAYSIA INDUCTION COURSE -Training for Migrant Workers to Malaysia and Approved by MLVK (Malaysia) & Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) – Ref: SL0209.

Tertiary & Vocational Education Council (TVEC) has registered our Institute as a Government Recognised Vocational Training Centre (Ref: POI/0372).